Financial Aid Guidelines

(Updated Spring 2019 )

 When providing deposits for Summer Camp or High Adventure you acknowledge that you have read and understand how financial aid is awarded.  Any questions can be sent via email to Andrea Cranch at

Participation in the 3 annual fundraisers the troop holds is very important.   It shows that the scout is willing to work for his activities and not just receive a handout.  The fundraisers are:

  1. Wreath Sales (a minimum of 12 wreaths sold)

  2. Pancake Breakfast and Christmas Tree Sale

  3. Spaghetti Dinner.

  • Each scout will receive $150 annually ($50 for each fundraiser he participated in) into their scout account to be used for either summer camp or high adventure.  Scouts who just crossed over are eligible for $100 ($50 for popcorn participation and $50 for spaghetti dinner).

  • Scouts receive additionally 50% of the wreath sale profits into their scout accounts to be used for either summer camp or high adventure.  Selling wreaths is clearly very important and financially very beneficial!

  • The troop will contribute extra money to scouts going on a high adventure trip.  This amount will be 25% of the cost of the trip.  For Philmont, or other trips that require a lot of additional expense for gear, the 25% will also apply to the estimated cost of gear.  Participation in all 3 fundraisers is expected in order to receive this additional money.

  • If there is still a need for more financial aid, please talk to a scoutmaster, treasurer, or Committee Chair person.

  • Money that is in the scout accounts can only be used for summer camp or high adventure trips.  If the scout drops out of scouts, this money passes through to the troop.  It is never given as cash to the scout.


All scouts signing up for summer camp must pay a $50 deposit.  This year all scouts going on a high adventure trip must pay a minimum $100 deposit.  The purpose of the deposits is to acknowledge the financial commitment to the trip.  Once you have committed to these trips you are on the hook financially for them.  If you back out for a “better opportunity” or lack of interest, and there is no scout that can take your place, you must pay the entire cost of the trip back to the troop (including all financial aid you received).  Sickness, accidents and family emergencies would be the exception to this.


  • Adults going to summer camp always go for free.  But starting now if they give a week of their time, their son will also go for free.  Adults must be trained. Adults who fulfill other big jobs in the troop may also be eligible to have their son go to summer camp for free.

  • Adults who organize a high adventure trip, have their trip paid for by the troop.  The other adults who go on high adventure trips will have half the cost of their trip paid for IF they are trained and have been actively participating in the troop by attending weekly meetings and going on camping trips beginning a year prior to the adventure.

  • There will be a cap on the number of adults eligible for the discount based on how many the Troop actually needs for any given trip – summer camp or high adventure.


Troop 97 is blessed to be  financially well endowed.  We want to make sure to use our funds both generously and wisely.  This is the plan we have come to for the foreseeable future.  It can and will change as needed.