2013 Wreath Sale Information for Scouts

The Wreath Sale is one of the three fund raising events held yearly by Bryn Athyn Boy Scout Troop 97.  All monies benefit the troop and allow us to continue to provide a great scouting experience for you.

  • Wear your uniform when selling wreaths.
  • Always identify yourself by name and the troop number (Troop 97)
  • Complete the order sheet (first and last names, address, phone numbers). There are many Bryn Athyn families with the same name, it can get very confusing. 

All delivery orders must be paid at time of order.  

We accept cash or checks made out to "Bryn Athyn Troop 97".  Write the total amount paid on the order form under "Amount Paid".  Leave blank if not paid.

All wreath orders not set for delivery must be picked up by your customers at the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, December 7th between 8:00AM and 11:00AM at the Bryn Athyn Society Building.  Be sure to invite your customer to attend the Pancake Breakfast and Tree Sale

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for delivering your orders on Saturday, December 7th after the Pancake Breakfast.  This includes orders that are not picked up.  Parents need to be prepared to assist their son with this effort.  Each Scout will be given an updated listing of his deliveries at the conclusion of the Pancake Breakfast.

Be careful to keep track of all cash and checks.  You are responsible for insuring that your orders and payments reconcile.

Each Scout is to use separate order sheets.

Order totals and money are due Sunday November 24th to Meg Rohtla at the Scout Building, time to be determined. If you have questions, contact Meg Rohtla. 

Be sure to thank your customer for supporting Bryn Athyn Boy Scout Troop 97!